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Foraging elderberry at LBFT

Seasonal Foraging Walkabout at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

We’ll follow the seasons during this general foraging hike. Every outing will be a unique blend of gathering and learning together with a community of people interested in foraging. Preregistration required. Member adult $15; nonmember adult $25 (includes daily admission).

A pair of brown hiking boots on a trail.

Trailblazer Challenge 

Saturday, April 1, 9-11 amSaturday, May 6, 9-11 amSaturday, June 3, 9-11 am

Come, take a hike, and learn from the experts including Matt Brennan, who has climbed six of the seven peaks that make up the Seven Summits- the highest point on each of the seven continents. Each hike will be themed and guided by our staff and skilled guest hiker and will touch on the Leave No Trace principles. Preregistration required. Member adult $10; nonmember adult $20 (includes daily admission). 

dutchman's breeches

Wildflower Walks 

For a few short weeks, woodland wildflowers spring to life, carpeting the forest floor. Discover where these springtime gems lie and the interactions that make them unique. Preregistration required. Member adult $5; nonmember adult $15 (includes daily admission). 

Shovel in dirt.

How to Plant a Pocket Prairie: Site Preparation 

The key to success in creating your own native wildflower-filled, pollinator friendly, pocket-sized prairie is site preparation. Join us as we dive into the many ways to prepare your site, regardless of what’s there now. Preregistration required. Member adult $10; nonmember adult $20 (includes daily admission).  

Wet muskrat nibbling on aquatic plant.

Clermont SWCD Pond Clinic 2023

Tuesday, April 4, 5:30-8 pm

Join us as we team with Clermont Soil & Water Conservation District for a Pond Clinic at our Rowe Woods location. Our featured speaker is Randy Morgan with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. Randy will discuss muskrat prevention and control in regard to maintaining a healthy and structurally safe pond. Preregistration is required by Tuesday, April 4 at noon. Spots are limited. Free to registered participants. 

Magnolia warbler on spring twig.

Spring Bird Walks 

The migrants are returning from warmer climates and resident birds are beginning to nest. Join us for a casual walk to observe the pageantry of birds along our trails. Beginners welcome!

Broadleaf Plantain leaves and salve.

Plantain Salve Class at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

From bites and stings to dry skin and scrapes, broadleaf plantain has been used to heal all manner of ailments for thousands of years. Join us to learn how to turn an often-overlooked garden weed into your new favorite cure-all salve. Preregistration required. Member adult $20; nonmember adult $30 (includes daily admission).  

Ruby-throated hummingbird sips from a pink fuchsia flower.

Hummingbirds! (Online) 

Discover the joy of attracting hummingbirds, nature’s flying jewels! We’ll learn about our local hummingbird species, discuss the use of nectar feeders, and determine what native and annual plants work best to support these delightful birds. Preregistration required. Member adult $5; nonmember adult $10. 

Scarlet tanager perched on branch.

Intermediate Birding Field Trip to Caesar Creek State Park 

This special birding field trip will explore a regional birding hotspot, Caesar Creek State Park. The park includes a large reservoir as well as a variety of woodland and open habitats where we’ll search for migrating waterfowl and songbirds returning to their breeding grounds.  Preregistration required. Member adult $10; nonmember adult $15. 

A middle aged woman sits in the grass and meditates with eyes closed and hand on chest.

Nature Mindfulness: Uncovering Your Natural Awareness 

Reclaim your attention and begin to uncover your natural awareness. Join us to learn a simple mindfulness technique that will help you enjoy the moment more fully. Preregistration required. Member adult $9; nonmember adult $19 (includes daily admission). 

Morning sun shining through the forest.

Forest Bathing at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Forest bathing is a practice of immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature to relieve stress. This guided stroll is an invitation to slow down and awaken the senses, allowing you to quietly take in nature’s gifts. Preregistration required. Member adult $12; nonmember adult $22 (includes daily admission). 

Girl in coral tank and black yoga pants doing yoga in the forest.

Trail Yoga  

Connect to nature in a deeper way through the mindful movement and meditative practices found in yoga during this on-the-trail experience at Rowe Woods. Preregistration required. Member adult $9; nonmember adult $19 (includes daily admission).  

Spring beauties–small white flowers with pink streaks and stamen.

Wildflower Photography: Spring Beauties and Camera Basics 

Learn to blend the basics of nature photography and the natural history of local spring wildflowers in this hands-on class. You’ll come to appreciate these precious beauties even more while you learn how to make your pictures even better. Preregistration required. Member adult $15; nonmember adult $25 (includes daily admission). 

A drop plops into water creating a ripple.

The Ripple Effect (Online, Self Paced) 

Are you wondering what actions you can take to impact conservation, or if one person can make a difference? Just as one drop in a pond creates ripples, your actions can inspire waves of positive change for people and nature. This self-paced online course will show you how.  Preregistration is required by April 17. Member adult free; nonmember adult free. Donations welcome!  Click here to learn more.

Mason jars of foraged items on a wooden picnic table.

Wildcrafted Bites: Seasonal Flavors

Friday, April 28, 6:30-8:30 pm

Revel in last year’s harvest at this immersive, hands-on evening of crafting, foraged cocktails, and light bites. Our freezers and pantries are teeming with wild-harvested goods from the 2022 season! Preregistration required. Member adult $35; nonmember adult $45 (includes daily admission).

Native Plant Showcase: Spring Walk 

It’s time to show off the broad palette of native plants, shrubs, and trees that a native gardener might draw upon to add color, texture, and value for wildlife in the home landscape. Preregistration required. Member adult $10; nonmember adult $20 (includes daily admission). 

Battling Problem Plants  

Creating wildlife-friendly yards entails making space for native species, and that means removing introduced plants. If you find yourself asking “Which plants are introduced?” or “How do I remove non-native ‘problem’ plants?” this beginner level class is for you. Using examples from the Nature Center’s gardens and grounds, Natural Areas Project Coordinator Carolyn Ramseur will provide tips and tricks for battling aggressive plants. Member adult $10; nonmember adult $20 (includes daily admission). 

Conservation Biology: A Deep Time Perspective to Modern Conservation Issues    

Biologists describe our modern times as the sixth great extinction event, the only extinction event mediated by another biological species. Modern conservation movements are trying to save as many species as possible, but since we cannot save them all, how do we choose? Member adult $5; nonmember adult $15 (includes daily admission). 

Native Plant Nursery and Edibles Plot Tour at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Cincinnati Nature Center’s Long Branch Farm & Trails has been reimagined as the Nature Center’s native plant-focused expression of inspiring conservation. Geared toward the homeowner interested in native gardening and restorative landscaping, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look into the native plant nursery and native edible plant plots. Preregistration required. Member adult $15; nonmember adult $25 (includes daily admission). 

Groesbeck Estate

Heritage Walk: Architecture & Landscape of the Former Krippendorf and Groesbeck Estates  

The Rowe Woods property boasts two estates that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Join us for a 2.5-hour docent-led walking tour of both the interior and exterior of the homes built in the early 20th century by Carl Krippendorf and Grace Groesbeck. By exploring architectural style, horticulture, and landscape design, we’ll see the ties between the two families, how they both sought to blend the natural world with the designed human world with influence from the British designer Gertrude Jekyll, and how their efforts set the stage for the property that would become Cincinnati Nature Center. Preregistration required. Member adult $20; nonmember adult $30 (includes daily admission). 

Grow Your Own Pawpaw Trees at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

We can raise pawpaw trees that benefit both humans and wildlife. Whether you’re growing pawpaw trees in your yard, wondering why there’s no fruit in your woodland pawpaw patch, or trying to raise zebra swallowtail butterflies, this hands-on, how-to class is for you. Preregistration required. Member adult $12; nonmember adult $22 (includes daily admission). 

Monarch butterfly on goldenrod.

Monarchs! (Online) 

Explore the mysterious migration patterns of monarch butterflies and learn how to support them on their journey. We’ll discuss ways to encourage these charismatic creatures, including gardening practices and community science. Member adult $5; nonmember adult $10.  

Wildcrafted Bites: Flush of Greens 

Friday, May 19, 6:30-8:30 pm  

Around the world, spring greens serve as the harbingers of brighter days ahead. Journey around the world with us as we highlight global favorites featuring Ohio’s own native wild greens! Preregistration required. Member adult $35; nonmember adult $45 (includes daily admission).  

Grow (and use) Elderberry Bushes at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Join us for an in-the-field class. We’ll draw upon the natural history of this native shrub including how to propagate, grow, and prune elder bushes. We’ll touch on a range of culinary uses for the flowers and fruits and provide a few samples. Preregistration required. Member adult $12; nonmember adult $22 (includes daily admission). 

Forager's Gathering: Spring Greens 

Gather together as we capture the flush of wild edible spring greens during this progressive station-based foraging day for novice and experienced foragers alike. We’ll make the most of the season as we blend in-the-field hands-on activities interspersed with short sit-down classes. Enjoy foraging food bites, drink, and swag bags full of native goods! Member adult $50; nonmember adult $60 (includes daily admission). 

Two young raccoons watch the photographer

Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Course, Summer (In-Person) 

Click here to learn more.

The mission of the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist program (OCVN) is to “promote awareness and citizen stewardship of Ohio's natural resources through science-based education and community service”. The program emphasizes hands-on natural resource and environmental education coupled with volunteer service. Application deadline is May 30. $300 for the full course (entire six-day series), including all digital reading materials, certification fee with OSU (for ages 18 and up), and live instruction. 

The summer cohort is the only one offered at Cincinnati Nature Center that is entirely in person!

Photo of purple coneflower next to a fountain in a native garden

Garden Tour: Noteworthy Natives

Saturday, June 24, 9 am–5 pm

Join us for Cincinnati’s premier garden tour featuring 11 magnificent gardens which incorporate native plants in unique and creative ways.

Guests receive a Garden Tour program booklet to help plan their self-guided tour. Locations include Anderson, Hyde Park, Milford, Montgomery, and Pleasant Ridge. Order tickets by June 7 to receive the tour booklet in the mail! This program is open to anyone 13 years of age and older. Member adult $40; nonmember adult $45.