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All programs require preregistration and follow Cincinnati Nature Center's COVID Program Safety Protocol.  Please register online well in advance of the class start date to ensure placement.

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Photo of naturalist with a snake

Visitor Center Nature Moments

Join us at the Rowe Visitor Center for interactive programs presented by a naturalist. Members free; nonmember adult $9 and nonmember child $4 (includes daily admission). 


Wild Senses, Tuesdays, August 23, September 6, September 20, October 4, 11 am

Native Fish and Red-eared Slider Turtle Feeding, Tuesdays, August 16, August 30, September 13, September 27, 11 am

Under the Boardwalk--Fish and Turtle Feeding, Wednesdays, August 17, September 14, October 12, 3 pm 

A pair of feet running outside

Healthy in Nature Trail Run

Get healthy in nature by running our trails. Each month we’ll explore the changes in nature. This is a beginning-intermediate run and will be 2-3 miles. We welcome ages 12 and up (with an adult) for this fun outdoor run.

A small orange and black butterfly on top of a yellow coneflower

Butterfly Search with Queen City Pollinator Project 

Saturday, August 20, 10 am–12 pm - No registration necessary for this drop-in program.

Drop in and learn about your neighborhood butterflies! Find out more about the defenses caterpillars have, the host plants they survive on, and the transformation these marvelous insects go through. Together, we’ll track butterflies and caterpillars and upload findings to iNaturalist to help scientists with conservation efforts! Members free; nonmembers pay daily admission at the gate.

A smiling young white man holds up a blue t-shirt that says "Hike for  Your Health"

Hike for Your Health with Roads Rivers and Trails

Looking for a way to stay active? Join us on one of our popular hiking excursions, led by Nature Center staff and Roads Rivers and Trails representatives. While the focus of these hikes is physical well-being, we’ll casually explore local natural history and science along the way, boosting your mental well-being, too! Members $6; nonmembers $12 (includes daily admission).

Click here to learn more our trails at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails.

A photo of the full moon

Full Moon Walks

Witness the night’s magic transform the trails as we marvel at the full moon and reveal natural history happenings on this guided hike. Recommended for adults and children 8 and up. Preregistration required. Recommended for adults and ages 8 and up with an adult. 

A bunch of pawpaws hanging from a tree

Pawpaw Hunting at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Venture “way down yonder” to treasure hunt for ripe pawpaw fruits. We’ll explore the history, science, and lore of the “Ohio Banana,” and end with a taste of fresh pawpaw fruit! Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission). 
A woman running outdoors in fall

Fall Equinox Trail Run  

Celebrate the fall equinox at Rowe Woods. Join us on our award-winning trails as we “unplug” from our daily lives and “plug into” nature. This 2-stage 5-mile run is meant for beginning to intermediate runners. Join us for stage 1 only or stay for the full experience. We welcome 12 years old and up with an adult. Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission). 

Person screenprinting

Print Like Charley Harper

Saturday and Sunday, September 24 & 25 

Multiple time slots from 11 am–4 pm 

Screen print a tote bag with an iconic Charley Harper image that you’ll love to take with you everywhere you go! Preregistration required. Members $15; nonmembers $15. Nonmember ticket prices for this program include admission and were made special for Great Outdoor Weekend.


Saturday, September 24, 11 am 

Saturday, September 24, 11:30 am 

Saturday, September 24, 12 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 12:30 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 1 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 1:30 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 2 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 2:30 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 3 pm 

Saturday, September 24, 3:30 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 11 am 

Sunday, September 25, 11:30 am

Sunday, September 25, 12 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 12:30 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 1 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 1:30 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 2 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 2:30 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 3 pm 

Sunday, September 25, 3:30 pm 

Pawpaw Ice Cream Day for Families!

Saturday, September 24, 1-2:30 pm 

Calling all ice cream connoisseurs! Join us for a fun afternoon of strolling through the pawpaw patch, learning about these special fruits, and, best of all, enjoying some homemade ice cream.  Perfect for families with children ages 5-10. Preregistration required. $8 per person.

A white man in shorts and a blue t-shirt walks down a trail toward the camera holding a hiking stick

Make a Hiking Stick

Grab a pre-harvested honeysuckle branch and craft it into a hiking stick with our hand tools. Use our leather stamping set and brass tacks to embellish your new hiking companion. Preregistration required. 

Black walnuts on a burlap table top

Black Walnut Hunting at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Celebrate our native black walnut by helping us gather and process this year’s crop. Head out on the land to hunt for black walnuts and help husk them with our antique equipment. Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission). 

A Barred Owl in a tree

Hootin’ in the Holler 

Whoooo’s hootin’ tonight? Learn the different species of owls in our area and take a hike to visit our neighbors down in the holler. RAPTOR Inc. will provide us with a behind-the-scenes tour of their beautiful home for birds of prey. We’ll take a challenging night hike and learn to “call” our feathered friends. It will be a hoot! Members $20; nonmembers $26 (includes daily admission).

A Barred Owl sits on a branch

Owl Bet It's a Hoot: Wisely Presented by Youth at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Ever learn something special from a child? Owl bet you will at our investigation stations led by knowledgeable kids. You’ll discover unique owl characteristics, adaptations, and behaviors. We’ll also go on a night hike where we call, look, and listen for our feathered friends. Find out, "Whooooose in the woods?" Preregistration required. Members $10; nonmembers $16 (includes daily admission). 

A flashlight beam shines on a grassy field

Family Flashlight Scavenger Hunt at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

What could be more fun than a night hike? A scavenger hunt at night! During this night hike, we’ll use our senses and our flashlights to experience nature in a new way. Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission). 

A white child dressed in a Halloween costume makes a funny face at the camera

Nighttime Trail Fest (For Kids!)

Friday, October 28, 7-9 pm   

Spiders, bats, and bones, oh my! Don your costumes for this non-spooky woodland Halloween adventure. Enjoy on-trail nature crafts, activities, and festive treats as the sun sets on the autumn forest. Preregistration required. Members $8; nonmembers $8 (includes daily admission). 

Photo of a wildflower plant filled with puffy seeds

Wildflower Seed Harvesting Project at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Give back by gathering wildflower seeds during this family-friendly learn-by-doing volunteer project. On this walking and working tour, we’ll visit the fields to harvest then take you through cleaning, drying, and processing seeds that will be used to improve our sites. Head home with native plant seeds, inspiration, and tips for your own yard. Preregistration required. Fees help fund our native plant education efforts. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission). 

A small boat made of tree bark, sticks, and leaves floating on the water

Mini-Boat Float Challenge on Avey’s Run 

Will your imaginary tiny riders survive the journey down Avey’s Run? Join us for this special STEM program on boat building with natural material to find out! We will explore the principles of float and sink and boat construction while we build. Ages 6-10 with an adult. Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission). 

Person screenprinting

Print Like Charley 

Saturday and Sunday, December 10 & 11

Multiple time slots from 11 am-3 pm

Enjoy trying your hand at screen-printing as you pull your own Charley Harper print! Preregistration required. Members $10; nonmembers $16 (includes daily admission).


Saturday, December 10, 11 am 

Saturday, December 10, 11:30 am 

Saturday, December 10, 12 pm 

Saturday, December 10, 12:30 pm 

Saturday, December 10, 1 pm 

Saturday, December 10, 1:30 pm 

Saturday, December 10, 2 pm 

Saturday, December 10, 2:30 pm 

Sunday, December 11, 11 am 

Sunday, December 11, 11:30 am 

Sunday, December 11, 12 pm 

Sunday, December 11, 12:30 pm 

Sunday, December 11, 1 pm 

Sunday, December 11, 1:30 pm 

Sunday, December 11, 2 pm 

Sunday, December 11, 2:30 pm