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What's Happening Right Now at the Nature Center!

Want to know what's going on at Cincinnati Nature Center these days? Check below and see updates before you come to visit!   (Updated 1/10/19)

Trails & Conservation

  • Trail conditions are good with the ground freezing.  Do be cautious on creek crossings, bridges and steps. 
  • Processing seeds from 2018 collection. Approximately 30 new species.
  • Far Ridge Trail has some new rocks to help with drainage and footing. 
  • Ruts have been removed on Fernwood.
  • Troy has been working on Lookout to have better footing and less of a swampy effect.
  • Discovery Trail will be getting an upgrade soon.  Please stay off any equipment as we prepare for the changes.
  • Mapping of our fields is underway by drones
  • Vegetation samples are being collected at Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Prescribed burns will be taking place at Long Branch Farm & Trails and Rowe Woods if weather permits over the next few weeks.
  • Baseline data is being collected on our lakes and ponds.
  • Winter spraying of Honeysuckle is now in motion.
  • A large tree has fallen and damaged the Overlook at Long Branch Farm & Trails. The area is currently closed until repairs are made.
  • The Far Ridge Trail now has a hammock stand and has a reroute that avoids the steps. Members: Check out our new Mayapple Trail and Beaver Trail at Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Injured or Orphaned Wildlife - Please follow the guidelines from this website.

Natural World

  • Tracks with the newly fallen snow are beautiful.  Can you guess who has been here?Snow has provided an opportunity to see more birds.  Stop at the front desk for a scavenger hunt.
  • Coopers hawks  have been feasting at the bird feeders
  • Golden Crown Kinglet and Towhees are busy on our trails
  • Our Pileated woodpeckers can be seen and heard in our woods.
  • Northern Flickers can be seen at the bird feeders as are Dark-eyed juncos.
  • Keep an eye out for nest in the trees these.  Who is living in them
  • Magnolia buds are visible now in Oak Allee.
  • Beech trees are still holding on to their golden leaves.Keep an eye on the mink, for they have been seen around the drainage of the Edge Trail.


Facilities Updates

  • Facilities has been busy with snow removal on the sidewalks and drive.
  • Thank you to our Facilities Team for filling our bird feeders regularly.
  • All drinking fountains have been winterized.
  • Fernwood Shelter restrooms are now closed. Schott Nature PlayScape and Rowe Visitor Center are still open.
  • The Greenhouse renovation project will be wrapped up at the end of the month.

Volunteer Updates

  • Native backyard habitat exhibit continues to progress outside of the Rowe Visitor Center near the main kiosk. 
  • Processing seeds from 2018 collection. Approximately 30 new species.
  • Road Cleanup crew will be working on the first Saturday of each month.
  • Thank you to the volunteers who work in the Membership Department and The Nature Shop.
  • Land Stewards are celebrating 10 years of hard work.
  • Volunteers are working hard now for Maple Season
  • Trailside Stations are presented by our volunteers.
  • Bird walks are led by volunteers every other Saturday.
  • Don’t run away from a volunteer opportunity. Interested in volunteering? Join the Wednesday or Thursday group and learn more here.